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RICH IN OXYGEN – The micro-clustered water will penetrate cellular walls in 7-15 seconds and make a rich oxygen effect for your body. Maximize your energy and performance !

HYDRATION – To drink 1,5-2 liters pure ionized alkaline water every day will increase your health. Normal water 62.5% Alkalizer 95 Maxx 79.2% hydration.

OPTIMIZE CIRCULATION – The build in ceramic will improve your blood circulation to optimize the transportation of nutrients, hormones and oxygen throughout the body to maintain cell-level metabolism, the regulation of the pH and temperature of the whole body, and the protection from microbial and mechanical harms.

SUPER GREENS & ALL SUPPLEMENTS – Use all your nutritional supplements in the FILTER FREE bottle for maximized absorption and nutrition transportation. Shake your supplements for 5-10 seconds and you will have a lump free quick digestive fast supplement intake.

DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS – Athletic performance and recover your muscles with less soreness and no muscle cramping. Alkalizer 95 Maxx will give you;

1) 6x better hydration
2) Faster Muscle Recovery
3) Longer Endurance
4) Stronger Performance
5) Natural Cellular-Metabolism – Health & Strength

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