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The human body is composed of about 70% water. The quality and correct quantity of water we drink daily is very important. Water contains some of the basic minerals and contains as much oxygen as possible.

There have been several oxygenated waters on the market for years. But the Alkalizer 95 Maxx naturally enriches water with Oxygen and boosts energy, recovery and performance.

By drinking oxygen-enriched water, the oxygen in that water is immediately available to the cells in our body. Some benefits of drinking water with extra oxygen are:


* Increased energy & metabolism
* Improved endurance
* Improved thought processes & mental clarity
* Enhanced immune system function
* Anti-bacterial & anti-viral effects
* Decreased body aches & pains
* Enhanced athletic performance

Most people feel the difference within 5 minutes after beginning to drink oxygenated water. Oxygen-rich “cocktails” have been given to European Olympic athletes for years.

Approximately 99% of us are severely acidic. This is a very unhealthy state for our bodies to be in. Our body’s musculo-skeletal system, organs & glands functions best when they are in an alkaline state. When in an alkaline state the tissues retain Oxygen. When the tissues are acidic they lose Oxygen and become unhealthy. If this acidic state persists for any extended period of time diseases will appear.

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